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and republican challenger mitt romney after they locked horns in their first face-to-face debate. they made their cases on a wide range of domestic issues in colorado. >> bigad shaban has highlights now from denver. >>> reporter: the first presidential debate started with a handshake and a romantic moment. >> 20 years ago, i became the luckiest man on earth because michelle obama agreed to marry me. >> congratulations to you, mr. president, on your anniversary. i'm sure this was the most romantic place you could imagine here with me. >> reporter: the theme of the debate for president obama appeared to be that romney's plans lacked specifics. >> is the reason that governor romney is keeping all these plans secret because it's too good? >> reporter: governor romney spent the night attacking his record. >> we still have deficit. >> reporter: mitt romney came into the debate trailing in the polls but that could change after last night's performance. >> anytime a challenger stands on the stage with the president in a first debate they tend to get a bounce. i expect that could happen here. >> rep
president obama in the lead. mr. obama with 51% support compared to 44% for mitt romney. the president is now in one of those states nevada as he prepared for the first debate. susan has more on the debate preps. >> reporter: more than 11,000 people packed a high school in las vegas sunday night to listen to president obama. >> we'll win this election again. >> reporter: it was the last scheduled appearance before the first presidential debate on wednesday. >> governor romney is a good debater. i'm just okay. >> romney fit in another rehearsal after church in boston on sunday. he's been practicing since june. paul ryan says this will not be a defining moment. >> i don't think one event is going to make or break this campaign. >> but apparently not everyone got the memo. >> for thursday morning you are all going to be scratching your heads and saying wow we have a barn burner. >> wednesday's debate will center on domestic issues including the economy. romney is focused on foreign policy and slamming the president over his handling of the events in the middle east. romney said the presid
] >> there you go. president obama, mitt romney, getting feisty as each tries to get an edge in their second debate last night. the president promised to get more aggressive after his lackluster performance in this year's first presidential debate. he delivered and republican challenger romney equally fired up. here's cbs news reporter randall pinkston with the highlights. >>> reporter: president obama and mitt romney wasted little time going after each other in the second debate. >> there were a whole bunch of oil companies. >> i had a question and the question was how much did you cut it? >> i'm happy to answer the question. >> reporter: in a snap poll of uncommitted voters 37% said president obama won the debate. >> do i think we'll get a bounce? yeah. >> reporter: romney gained momentum in the polls following first debate and he will continue the surge. >> you will see the momentum continue. i think a lot of undecided voters heard from the governor himself how he would perform as president of the united states. >> reporter: romney comes out on top when voters were asked who would do a be
from the final obama romney debate last night in florida. >>> reporter: this was the third and final debate and president obama saved his sharpest attacks for the end. >> every time you've offered an opinion, you've been wrong. >> attacking me is not an agenda. >> reporter: viewers seemed to respond to the president. a cbs news snap poll of the debate shows 53% of uncommitted voters believed the president won. >> you saw a very strong president, a strong and steady president with a clear vision. you had an unsteady romney. >> reporter: romney's best score came on the issue of china. >> i want a great relationship are china. china can be our partner. but that doesn't mean they can just roll all over us and steal our jobs on an unfair basis. >> reporter: even on that issue romney only managed to tie president obama. >> perhaps the most memorable line of the night came when president obama and mitt romney were debating cuts to the military budget. >> our navy is smaller now than anytime since 1917. the navy said they needed 313 ships to carry out their mission. we're now down to 285. >>
and mitt romney will be on the same stage for the second of three debates. mr. obama is promising a more spirited performance compared with the first they saw which was widely viewed as a big win for romney. randall pinkston report from the campus at hofstra university. >> reporter: the stage is set for the second presidential debate. the town hall style format will feature 80 randomly selected voters in the audience. all of them will have questions prepared but eleven will get to ask them. >> it's going to be fun to watch. >> reporter: mitt romney is coming off what many consider a win in the first debate. he spent monday in boston working with ohio senator rob portman who has been playing president obama in debate preps. >> allow did it go senator? >> reporter: president obama spent the day in williamsburg virginia, he's promised to be more aggressive in refuting claims. and political analysts warn that because the voters will be asking the questions, being too aggressive could be seen as negative. >> it's a difficult type of attorneys prepare for. >> reporter: the moderator for tonigh
-start the economy, as well. >>> in the presidential race mitt romney says he was completely wrong when he commented that 47% of voters are dependent on the government. he told fox 11 news' sean hannity he believes in supporting all americans. romney and president obama both hit the campaign trail yesterday following their first debate in colorado. the president acknowledged romney's stellar performance but questioned the republican challenger's accuracy. >> when i got on the stage, i met this very spirited fellow to claims to be mitt romney. you about i know it couldn't have been -- but i know it couldn't have been mitt romney because the real mitt romney has been running around the country for the last year promising $5 trillion in tax cuts that favor the wealthy. >> i saw the president's vision as trickle down government and i don't think that's what america believes in. >> nielsen estimates 67 million people saw tuesday evening's debate, the most watches since 1992. >>> and we're just getting started on a friday. it is an annoying annual event the east bay city dealing with an aggressive invasio
was 82 years old. >>> today the president and mitt romney will be busy preparing for the second of their three debates. the president is in williamsburg, virginia, coming off a lackluster performance earlier this month in denver. on the republican side, romney has a new challenge. >> expectations for him are higher in this debate than they were in the first debate and he's got to maintain the momentum he had coming out of the first debate. >> tomorrow's debate will be in new york and will be a town hall format featuring questions from undecided voters. see it live tuesday night at 6:00 here on cbs 5. >>> in san francisco, election officials plan to speed up the results of the race for supervisor. the first time preliminary voting will be made available on election night. previously they waited to make the election counts. >>> families of 9/11 victims will have a chance to watch hearings in cuba for men charged with the terrorist attacks, including the self- professed master mind of the attacks. the sessions are closed to the public but relatives can register to see the hearings
. >>> a big bounce for mitt romney after last week's presidential debate. a pew research survey three weeks ago gave president obama an 8-point lead among likely voters. now romney has taken a four- point lead in an updated survey. romney is capitalizing on his post debate bounce turning the table on the president's attack on his foreign policy knowledge. speaking at the virginia military institute romney called the president's approach to the middle east passive and reactive. he went on to say that he knows the president hopes for a safer and freer middle east but added hope is in the a strategy. >> it's clear that the -- hope is not a strategy. >> it's clear that the risk of conflict in the region is higher than when the president took office. it's time to change course in the middle east. that course should be organized around these bedrock principles. america must have confidence in our cause, clarity in our purpose, and resolve in our might. >> the obama campaign is dismissing romney's remarks as sabre rattling aimed at covering up his own foreign blunders. >>> as campaign 2012 heats u
to the speech. >>> republican challenger mitt romney taking a new stance on illegal immigration. as susan mcginnis reports it comes as he and the president are getting ready for their first head-to-head debate. >> reporter: more than 5,000 people packed the air and space museum in denver to hear mitt romney on monday. >> this is a great place to be. >> reporter: colorado is among the battleground states that have a large hispanic population and romney now tells the "denver post" he will honor temporary work permits for young illegal immigrants granted by president obama in an executive order in june. it's the first time he has expressed support for the act. here's what he said in los angeles recently. >> instead of playing politics with these children, i will pursue permanent immigration reform. >> reporter: the president's executive order is a shortened version of the "dream act," legislation to grant citizenship to these same immigrants under certain conditions. >> "if i were elected and the congress were to pass the "dream act," would i veto it? the answer is question." >> reporter: most
need real reforms for a real recovery and that's exactly what mitt romney and i are proposing. >> reporter: after several heated exchanges ryan insinuated that president obama's performance last week was motivating the vice president's -- >> i know you're under a lot of duress for making up for a loss round. >> reporter: who won? it depends who you ask. polls are mixed. in a cbs news poll of uncommitted voters, 50% thought the vice president run, 31% sided for ryan and 19% called it a tie. 56% thought biden would be an effective president if necessary compared with 49% for ryan. not surprisingly, both sides claimed victory. mitt romney's campaign said biden seemed off balance and strange. the president's team said the debate exposed the risks of electing a romney/ryan ticket. the next presidential debate is tuesday. randall pinkston, cbs news, danville, kentucky. >>> as for the men at the top of the ticket, president obama will remain in washington today to prepare for his next debate next week and mitt romney will be campaigning in the battleground states of ohio and virgini
's not their candidate who is playing politics with libya. >> even while the flames were burning in benghazi, mitt romney was sending out political press releases. >> reporter: president obama had a lead in the polls when the debates began. but the race has gotten tighter since then and the new cbs news poll of a key swing state shows the same result. in the bat battleground state of ohio, the president leads mitt romney 50 to 45% down from a 10-point lead at the end of september. >> the president created this false image of mitt romney in the minds of some voters knocked down in the first debate. >> reporter: the obama campaign has plenty to be excited about. early voters in ohio favor the president 54-39%. >> if you look at the early voting that's going on around the country, it's very robust and it's very favorable to us and we think that's a better indicator than these public polls which are frankly all over the map. >> reporter: the president also leads among those who say they are going to vote on election day. randall pinkston, cbs news, boca raton, florida. >>> and the latest numbers show the pre
and mitt romney to reshuffle the travel schedule. canceled in three states today. he is returning to washington to deal with emergency plans. >> we're going to cut through red tape. we're not going to get bogged down. we're going to make sure we are anticipating and leaning forward. >> our thoughts and prayers are with the people who find themselves in harm's way. >> romney's campaigned canceled three events in virginia yesterday. schedule today appears to still be on track. eased absentee voting requirements. early voting has been canceled in dc and maryland. time now is 4:40. why the new york stock exchange is going dark today. >> a woman who flew halfway around the world just to see the giant's win. >> what the new work course of the space fleet brings home. >> and live pictures this side of ocean city, maryland where sandy is being felt in a big way. much much more coming up. we'll be right back . the pacific ocean off baja-- after a two week trip to the >>> the dragon has landed. the space x space capsule was guided into the pacific ocean after a two week trip to the space st
obama and mitt romney all tied up as they head into the evening's presidential debate. this poll is from united technologies and the national journal of congressional connection. it shows that the two candidates with 47% each among likely voters nationwide. other recent polls have showed the president with a narrow lead. bigad shaban has more on today's face-to-face encounter in colorado. >> reporter: the stage isby . the cameras are in place and the candidates are in their final hours of preparation. >> governor, are you ready for tomorrow? >> i'm get there is. >> reporter: mitt romney took a break from his rehearsal to grab a burrito bowl. on his break president obama did sight seeing to hoover dam. when they arrive at the university of denver tonight they will face a lot of questions about the economy. >> i'm not interested in creating democratic jobs or republican jobs. i'm interested in creating american jobs. >> reporter: tonight's debate will feature six 15-minute segments. the first three are devoted to the economy. >> there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of opportunity. >> repor
and then a rally at civic auditorium and will spend the night in san francisco. >>> governor romney is rallying in virginia saying it's time to change course in the middle east and accusing president obama of passive leadership in the world. >> when i'm president i will take the care that it takes to rebuild our principles and restore the principles that made america so strong. >> romney calls for the u.s. to take a more assertive role in syria to put conditions on aid to egypt and tighten sanctions on iran. with a month to go before the election, national polls show the race for the white house is tightening. >>> there is a news conference in san francisco this morning to talk about penalties from the san bruno pipeline explosion. space assemblyman jerry hill and san bruno mayor jim rue an are upset about the state public utilities commission asking to suspend hearings over pg&e's penalties and pipeline upgrade costs for a month. >>> the san francisco board of supervisors will finally decide tomorrow if suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi will keep his job. the mayor charged him with official mis
. >>> on to the presidential race, mitt romney is back in the buckeye state today. romney supporters chanted, four more weeks for president obama during a rally in ohio last night. no republican has ever won the presidency without winning ohio. the latest cnn poll shows the president's lead in the buckeye state is only 51-47%. >> i want you to go out there and find someone who voted for barack obama and get them to come join our team. >> we reinvented a dying auto industry that supports one in eight ohio jobs and has come roaring back to the top of the world. >> the president spoke at ohio state university yesterday. today he is back at work at the white house. meanwhile, romney says he has no plans for abortion legislation if elected president. that's what he told the des moines register during an interview with the iowa newspapers editorial board. during the primary season he told an ohio tv station that he was in favor of a pro-life policy. >>> 4:40 now. today the u.s. supreme court is set to take on the issue of affirmative action at universities. the justices will hear arguments over a university of tex
afternoon. >>> in the race for the white house, president obama and mitt romney will make another joint appearance this evening at a new york event with a lighthearted tradition. the alfred e. smith memorial foundation dinner raises money for needy children. the two candidates campaigned in battleground states yesterday. the president criticized romney's comments in the previous night's debate that he would need binders full of women to find qualified females for cabinet positions. >> we don't have to collect a bunch of binders to find qualified talent of driven young women. >> why is it that there are 3.6 million more women in poverty today than when the president took office? this president has failed america's women. >> meanwhile, an estimated 65.6 million viewers tuned in to watch tuesday's town hall style debate down slightly from the audience for debate 1. but still a lot of people watching. >> that's a fifth of our population. >>> time now 4:41. kids cut class but they are not the ones getting in trouble. >> it's true. the punishment now for parents from kids who ditch school. >>
to you guys. >>> in campaign 2012, attacks between president obama and mitt romney took a comedic turn dur a catholic charity event last night. >> in the spirit of sesame street, the letter tonight is brought to you by number 0 and the numbers 16 trillion. >> i went shopping in midtown. i understand governor romney went shopping "for" stores in midtown. >> they were featured speakers in the dinner but it was ended when the comedy was ended when he was asked about libya on "the daily show." >> it's not the optimal response as us all being on the same page. >> here's what i'll say. if four americans get killed it's not optimal and we'll fix it. >> this week, the president and secretary of state hillary clinton have both come out and asked to take the blame for the deaths of four americans in libya. >>> new details indicate the cia reported libyan militants were involved in last month's consulate violence within 24 hours of the attack. the white house maintained for the week that the violence was sparked by protests over an american anti-islamic film. it's unclear when that report was ana
. governor romney is traveling to reno and iowa. here he is yesterday in colorado. >> these are tough times for americans and the president's answer is another stimulus and more government workers and higher taxes. that hasn't worked. >> i want you to look at our plan. compare it to governor romney's plan. see which plan you think is better for you and for america's future. he says he has a plan. >> and that was the president yesterday in ohio. in general, polls show the popular vote still up for grabs. the president appears to have an edge in the electoral vote but that depends on the outcomes in swing states which are still too close to call. >> 13 days. >> incredible. >> finally!! >>> it's 4:41. a data breach. bookstore where credit card readers were hacked. >> plus it's an amazing story of survival. >> one ripped off and the other ripped off and i kept going. >> why this 82-year-old man waited days to call for help after getting stranded in the snow. >> and an all-out brawl at a high school football game leaving a coach unconscious. how it got started and what's next for his players whe
and today. new "time" magazine poll shows president obama leads mitt romney in the buckeye state by 5 points. but the president holds a 2-1 lead among people who said they already cast their ballots in ohio's early voting system. today romney will focus entirely on ohio with rallies in both columbus and the cincinnati areas. stops yesterday included reno. >> with a president that's out of ideas and out of excuses, why, on november 6 you're going to make sure we put him out of office. >> the president made appearances in las vegas and on the tonight show yesterday evening he had this to say about the controversial comments on rape by republican u.s. senate candidate richard mourdock from indiana. >> rape is rape. it is a crime. [ applause ] >> so these distinctions about rape and, you know, don't make too much sense to me don't make any sense to me. >> the president will finish a massive two-day campaign marathon and will be in ohio tonight after casting his own ballot in chicago. >>> 4:41. just getting started. a daycare danger. how your child could be exposed to toxic air. >> plus, waking
. >>> on to the presidential race now, republican challenger mitt romney will campaign today in the swing state of iowa while president obama has media interviews at the white house. yesterday the president ended a 40 hour tour of battleground states including a stop in his hometown of chicago where he cast his ballot for the upcoming election. he is hoping to boost voter turnout by emphasizing that early voting is a simple efficient process. >>> governor romney spent yesterday in ohio a state rich in electoral votes. polls show he trails the president in the buckeye state but is within striking range. >> on november 6 i'm counting on ohio to vote for big change. >> no republican has ever won the white house without winning ohio. both candidates are staging aggressive campaigns there. >>> the giants are heading off to detroit big winners last night. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is over at at&t park where the giants won a pitcher's duel in game 2. it took a while to score but they finally did. >> reporter: that's right. it is the morning after another very exciting night here at at&t park. two down, two to go.
challenger mitt romney will also not hold any campaign events today. romney did make an appearance in ohio yesterday but kept much of the focus on the weather. >> a lot of people are going to be facing some real tough times as a result of sandy's fury so if you have the capacity to make a donation to american red cross, you can go online and do that. >> i am not worried at this point about the effect on the election. i'm worried about the impact on families and the impact on our first responders. the election will take care of it self next week. >> election day is one week from today. find continuing coverage on sandy on cbssf.com. at the top of the page you will find links to watch live video coverage and track east coast radar and airport delays. >>> michelle, switching gears, perfect weather for a baseball celebration right here in san francisco. [ applause and cheers ] >> world champion giants flew home from detroit with a huge welcome when the team buses arrived outside at&t park 4:00 yesterday. everybody wants a look at the world series trophy. >> you know, this was a special group.
states show romney has a one-point edge in colorado. in wisconsin the race is tight. the 6 point lead is down as to 3 points for the president and virginia a five-point lead. they debate a second time next week in new york. randall pinkston, cbs news, danville, kentucky. >> the vice president debate is at 6:00 on cbs 5 tonight. >>> a new cbs 5 surveyusa poll shows mixed results for proposition 30. governor brown's plan to raise taxes to avoid further cuts to public safety and education. when asked about prop 30 with only a prescription, 38% said they would vote no. 33% said yes. 29% not certain. but when prop 30 was explained in detail, the results were different. take a look. the yes respondents outnumbered the nos 45 to 39%. prop 30 would temporarily raise the state sales tax by .25% and raise the income tax on those earning more than a quarter million dollars a year. >>> what a day for bay area baseball fans. as and giants both digging deep last night. right field, base hit, the oakland as will live another day game five tomorrow! >> why did i go to bed last night? the tigers were
in the aftermath of the storm. governor romney urging supporters to donate during the storm relief event yesterday in ohio, scheduled to attend three campaign dates today in florida. president obama will be on official business today only touring storm damage areas along the eastern seaboard. for now he is leaving the campaigning to former president clinton and other high-profile supporters. >>> the latest cbs news/new york times poll taken before the storm shows that the president does have a narrow 48- 47% lead among likely voters. he had a 3-point lead in the same poll a month ago. right now the election seems to be on hold. >> it's recovery that's the focus right now. time is 4:35. lawrence is in the weather center. >> the center of sand ski sandy is in pennsylvania, showers beginning to taper off. we have some rain headed in our direction. some dense fog in spots this morning overlooking the city of san francisco. you can see the orange out there for the giants, the parade of champions today. temperatures right now running mainly in the 50s outside so fairly mild start to the day and by the a
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23